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Snippet – Quick Video of Sunshine Bay Location

Well, I finally did it. Can’t say it was the longest video I’ve created, nor the most significant. Nor anything else, for that matter.

The idea is to share the locations that form the subjects in the local scenes available for sale, and to provide a viewer a quick personal involvement.

What you’ll see is that the subjects sit so very differently apart from their man-made locale. I’m afraid that the human aesthetic doesn’t extend to local councils or homeowners’ passion to achieve excellence. Ugly, in other words, except for the natural feature.

As time moves on, I’ll try to put in a bit more effort for these videos. I have lots of drone footage which, due to the magnificence of these local natural features, is world class.

Meanwhile, here’s the throw-down.

South Coast Scenes NSW

And here’s the painting for sale.

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